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> Eleanor CMS -- thumbsup!
сообщение 2009-07-16, 9:55
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Greetings from Norway!

First I must congratulate on one the most smoothest, easygoing and intuitive cms I've encountered. I just love it. It has huge potential =D.
I'm currently using RC4, and installed it with the English option during the installation fase. Was not hassle at all.
Even tho Russia is my neighboring country, I'm afraid my skills in Russian is rather poor. There are some words I know, but that's about it.

Anyways, I had a small question.

In "Preferences" -> "Main Settings (17)" -> "Enable multilingual support - Yes (at the bottom)".

After I have done this, I get the nice button both on the website and the admin site called "RUS/ENG" depending on which language its currently at.
If I turn off multilingual support, everything becomes Russian again.
I was wondering if its possible in RC4 to make it English as default? (I did choose english at installation). I've tried to change the "Locale" in "Regional Setting" from ru_RU to en_EN, but that didnt seem to work.

Anyone who could point me in the right direction maybe?

Anyways. Dont stop doing the great work that are doing. I'm so looking forward to the next RC with maybe even more translated into english. (especially "button" graphics). But no need to rush the english translation. Quality first =D.

In my own time, I will try and make a Norwegian language file, cause this CMS so nice that I want to make it the main backbone for my website/blog/CV =)

Take care during summer =D
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сообщение 2009-07-16, 10:56
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Иконка группы

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Erik, open config_general.php and replace
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сообщение 2009-07-16, 12:06
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Thank you!.

Working nicely sofar, haven't had any errors popping up yet :P
I could also remove the "multilingual support" and its still English =).

Nice to also get so fast response on the forum =D.

Now I'm off to the beach and relax a little. So nice to have a vacation in this weather :P

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