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This CMS is paid or unpaid, that in the admin section I saw an option that says enter key, greetings and excuse my language but my original language is Spanish,
Hi. Eleanor CMS is free for all, but if you want to remove copyrights of this system you may pay and take your key...
wow that well, but the truth is seen to be of high quality, like payment, which may well be free, thanks to the creators of this beautiful script
iory55, Maybe key that you saw in admin section is Personal Key Eleanor CMS. It needs to get a status Eleanor User. To will become Eleanor User you have to register you site here . This status give you privileges. You can donwload templates, modules, etc.
ok thanks, register my site I just hope and acceptance, I do not take into account the language, since as he had said my language is Spanish, well I hope and that is not so, I have further questions, I could open another topic or question here ?
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