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When I try to upload from the admin panel, I get an error:

upload error: 500, and I get a box telling me lost session! reload the page, and if it happens to me as I try to create the folder, agun know why? smilies also will not come if I hit the bbcode, thanks for your attention and excuse my bad language
If you are downloading files via the built-in flash-loader you have an error 403/500, then the root file. Htacchess (open to using any text editor) to add (at the bottom, with a new line):
SetEnvIfNoCase Content-Type \
"^multipart/form-data;" "MODSEC_NOPOSTBUFFERING=Do not buffer file uploads"

If you are using Apache module mod_security, then the root file. Htacchess need to add:
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

translated from
mmmm I just camber the file, but everything remains the same, only reloading the page may create the folders but if I try to create another I get the same error, also if I try to delete the folder I get the same code, does not really happens, if this problem is of my hosting, or problem of the script, who believe it to be?
try to clean cash
if this do not helped, you have problem with your host-provider....
ok thank you, better uopload by FTP
sure that the module settings files, you should tick the 'Enable file uploads "
Thanks for taking your time, but that's the setup, I think the problem is with my hosting provider, thanks and greetings!!
Has finally solved my problem by my hosting provider, was solved, in case anyone has the same problem they did was add a file called php.ini in the folder where Eleanor cms (example: / public_html /) and with the text:

magic_quotes_gpc off
allow_url_fopen off

with this my problem was solved but I'm not sure that all her work,
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