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As the title says there is minimal possibility of creating a support site for Eleanor CMS in Spanish?

where only help speaking consumers with questions they have.
If you can create would take into account the rules and conditions that I put the official site, respecting the principal condition as not to remove the copyright.

And if we can create would have to address where to ask for permission?
Is this CMS popular in Spain? U can't understand English?
not really I'm from Spain I'm from Mexico, then you are right but for those who neither understand English that understand not everyone knows, but you're right.
I've been looking for places to give CMS Eleanor reference in Spanish or English (in America) and apparently there are still people who do not Know.
It's difficult for me to translate the first time was due to the same page frame-breaker, I do not understand the Russian I struggled to find the forum (but now everything is easier) and I understood little English but now all is easy, plus I'd like to know this CMS because I think is the best I have found, unlike other CMS in php. but do not you think, well, thanks take your time to respond
In nearerest plans we are not planning to create a multilangual community, but we won't prevent users to create them. The problem is that we have no one understanding spanish who can translate the CMS and will be a hable to handle a new community.
I am already translated into Spanish just go with half of the files.

but still I would not create the site not knowing that knowing the official forum, if you can create rules and conditions that would be?
iory55, wait RC5, and then translate it into Spanish.
If you already had thought but was unsure when he went out, the better I hope and thanks for taking the time to respond
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