You will find a powerful content management system that allows a website of any complexity, without having any knowledge of programming languages - Eleanor CMS.

Development of a system lasts for about a year, and the results of preliminary testing, the system shows good results.
At the moment the system is 100% modular, allowing developers the freedom for modification. CNC allows us to generate human-understandable links with Cyrillic support. The system can be integrated with any script. Already, under RC, the system is fully integrated with Invision Power Board, as well as in the near future, planned integration with vBulletin, Coppermine Gallery and other products.

In developing Eleanor CMS, the security was in the first place, we tried to do for you not only convenient but also safe system. In Eleanor CMS implemented tools for working with databases that can completely eliminate the possibility of SQL injection.
It is important to note that Eleanor CMS to modern standards XHTML 1.0, all the pages of the system is fully valid.
Advanced templating Eleanor CMS, with the necessary knowledge, will allow you to create any template for the site.
The system was implemented support for 6 popular cache machines: APC, eAccelerator, memcache, mmCache, Zend and XCache.

We tried to include in Eleanor CMS all the necessary arsenal of functions, not overloading it. The system is integrated set of necessary and convenient tools for creating the site, such as the WaterMark, a means to generate a Google map, SWF Uploader and much more!