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When Eleanor Team will will be released a new version of Eleanor CMS (1.0) ?
The first version of the system will be released around the New Year
Ok, next questions :)
1. Eleanor CMS 1.0 will be have ranks for groups ?
2. Eleanor CMS 1.0 will be have special panel for moderator ?
3. Eleanor CMS 1.0 will be have special sepecial options for others groups (I mean: access for options, how have for example this board) ?
1. Do not quite understand the question
2. Yes, it is planned
3. Also scheduled
Ranks i mean

eleanor cms. v1.0 in this site: this version of eleanor is persian and english. you can install in english mode....
iranmobile, i'll ban you, if you post one more link to this pirate site.
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