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Good News for synchronization with Forums !
Eleanor synchronization system in the next version will be coordinated 100%! :big_boss: New by WwW.Eleanor.IR

sanes not opened
Цитата (sanes @ 2011-01-03, 23:27) not opened

:blink: Its working ! ;) Was likely that problems will solved:dance:
Alex I think the first version of the case could add an option to Eleanor that you want to automatically use it s so good to be sure to look at Open-Slaed system eats your pain!

If you could define a sort function for the system you will be fantastic! Can the user gets his own forum to make it coordinate system 0000 Download Now I try to see the system working.!!!!

For Example : download open slaed forum function ! in this function with php4 language ! cerated login , logout , register and other user func !

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :D

after set the function in system core we can define in Account module !

if ($conf['forum']) include("function/forum.php");
and using ! :D

Now you must work on to get answers alright!

KeSSLeR, What kind of forum you want to integrate? Or am I not correct translated?)
Цитата (KeSSLeR @ 2011-01-04, 20:50), What kind of forum you want to integrate? Or am I not correct translated?)

You can download links ! integrate with IPB,VB,PHPBB and other board system ! if this option in eleanor cms exist !
If this situation get better on Eleanor create another system would be
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