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Hello to eleanor cms team of alexander to other friends of team !
My Project is : Eleanor CMS Application Mode of Windows !

So with this project you will be able to easily unless the problem facing the Internet network and got your site management system is installed you Eleanor! The project began after the approval will be designed and implemented.

We can develop eleanor cms with eleanor application studio ! in this application software you can easily manage site (Full Eleanor CMS Emulation in Windows) !

One Screenshoot of start in design.


More information coming soon ... B)
Hmm.. I like it, but what do we benefit from it?
Цитата (Alexander @ 2011-02-13, 18:06)
Hmm.. I like it, but what do we benefit from it?

I want Eleanor systems to be most different systems of any cmd like : slaed,datalife and other...
Eleanor simulation system based on Windows users will be able, if necessary with a comfortable Panel under Windows to manage your site !

Wait until after the implementation of main algorithms Start the Windows-based programming will Eleanor !
You have Eleanor CMS ! :D I Have Eleanor Windows Base Application ! :-p :P But i not emulate in elenaor cms rc base ! i waite for eleanor cms Version 1 to start emulate in windows base ! ;) i want create and develop eleanor emulation for users ! this is good !
Capabilities of the system I can say :

Management Eleanor and site in Windows !
Full racing information from the server status and Eleanor CMS Status
Facilities such as state security and amenities such as doubling the speed with Eleanor system
>> Full Sync With Database ! and other Facilities ... Only you must wait for complate algorithms and Polls.

I think to more features and capability of this ! <_<
:) we hope this project complated comming soon this is emulate of elenor cms for win app

Looks nice, make sure to support multiple languages.
Цитата (Screatch @ 2011-07-16, 19:18)
Looks nice, make sure to support multiple languages.

Yes 100% i want set the English,Turkish,Persian and You can help me in russian language ! ;) comming soon i set the links of this project in Nanosoft Forums and here for Purposes only ! :)
This screen shoot of Setting Emulate !


THIS Software full simulation from Eleanor Alpha Version 1.0 and more development of this ! we can use with system for more setting in eleanor cms ! Eleanor CMS Base and WIN Application !!!

Добавлено через 3 минут, 21 секунд:

you can set the database and server information for Eleanor System APPLICATION For Sync.

In the following stages of system development :

Eleanor CMS With Eleanor System ! (WIN APPLICATION)

Happy to help get the system development :)
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