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The project officially started working on Eleanor !
These results continue our work on this project please help us to develop more :)

The first phase of the project is completed as follows:
1 - Design and Infrastructure Systems
2 - Eleanor simulation system based on kernel 1.0
3 - Intelligent Core coding system for perfect harmony with Eleanor
4 - Development of core communications server and a cloth with Eleanor
5 - Check the bulletin board at the Eleanor and logon to the system is synchronized with the system :)


Eleanor CMS Setting Mode


Multi Language Mode


Web Browser Mode


Please work with us to further develop and apply the following address: Eleanor System Project Forums :)

O_o Nice.. Where I can download this?
Цитата (Alexander @ 2011-08-13, 20:43)
O_o Nice.. Where I can download this?

Alex this is not complate yet... :) i working in project !
After completion, To the extent that it is usable ! The link will appear FOR download and testing for purposes only :)

with mail contact with me for more developer i needed for more function of eleanor cms !
For Russian language department One of you will help for we :) after complate i send languages file for yours. OK????
What does everyone think?
You want help? :rolleyes:
Were i can download this platform?
Цитата (Djadka @ 2011-08-15, 17:35)
Were i can download this platform?

Please Wait :( i can not Complete yet ! in 2-3 day later i release a mini version for purposes :)

first must be complete server and data base part , now working in fellow part :)

1.Eleanor Database (Integration , Reading , Writing , Load and Optimize )
2.Server Mode : (Ftp,Download,Upload) - Server and Host Root Management core

Soon I'll put a link to download for testing and surveys

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Of course If Alexander's answer to my email !
Не знаю что это, но уже хочу Download! :rolleyes:
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