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Hi , My Friends please download and see Eleanor CMS (Windows Platform) Preview version ! this is only preview ! for vote ~ !

Information : Complete Sync with Eleanor CMS V1.0 Alpha Database , Intergration with Host and CPv11 Mode.

Download Eleanor CMS

Download Eleanor CMS Client Profile

Pay attention (For use of this platform you must be Install .NET From Work 4.0 Full or Client Profile) :)

For Download .Net Framework Click here

OHHH Sorry guys this Link and version is broken please try download of follow links: :rolleyes: :blush2:

you can see and save eleanor configuration part in this preview version :)

Eleanor CMS x86

Eleanor CMS Client Profile x86

For Running and executing MYSQL must be download here : MYSQL Connector for Windows
Selected Version 6.3.7 Latest version :)
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