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hello i have a question?
Something told me Alexander but failed.
So I want the icon (top left) is to change the menu when you stand on it with the mouse to the title given eltooltip
Then I also want the same menu when I click to open in a lightbox instead in a new window.

If you tell me in detail how to do it with location from code.

any idea how to solved this?
What is your version of Eleanor CMS ? Alpha or RC5?
Цитата (Alexander @ 2012-03-31, 13:54)
What is your version of Eleanor CMS ? Alpha or RC5?

See. Open file addons/adminka/blocks/block_menu.php find:

<a class="editmenu" title="

Replace with:
<a class="editmenu" onmouseover="ElTip(this,this.title)" title="
OK I did it. Now appear everywhere except at home. Home is the same as before

In home page not show why?
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