And After 13 Month i released a Beta 2 Version of Nanosoft CO Official Site with Corss Xv2 Beta 2 Core Developed with Eleanor CMS Core.
You Can Enjoy Now of Eleanor Power In Nanosoft Base System !

In Nanosoft i set New Feature :

Full Registration part :
Full Publical Support Center : or
V,Beta 2 : Domain Service Reisteration
V,Beta 2 : Hosting Service Registeration (Revival , Reister , Optimize and ...)
V,Beta 2 : Download Center System :

Download CENTER , System Support and Ticket , Domain Registeration Module Beta 2 , Hosting Module Beta 2
And Important of they Smart Engine ! for create private secure code for any user for shoping and other service...

We after this more develope CORE and ENGINE Base in other parts of world !
After this eleanor cms must be redeveloped in WORLDWIDE !

Thanks of Alexander Sunvas My Dear Corporate and Friend :)

and Last word : Eleanor CMS Can be best :) after a week check or for release latest update of system.

Eleanor CMS NAME must registered in WORLD WIDE !

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