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Hi everyone, Im interested in translating Eleanor CMS in Bulgarian and edit everything including Template, buttons etc... So if you need me to translate it and populate the cool CMS in Bulgarian and helping with Templates :) tell me :P
Translation into Bulgarian possible, but it will not be included in the default distribution system. Your translation will be posted on the site of the alternative system ( and
You at any moment can take lang files and start the translate.

P.S. Sorry for my English, my primary language - Russian. :)
Any translations are welcome.
I believe there will be made a special page on the site for the alternative translation and i am sure someone will for sure need it.
Hi @ all ;)

Nice to see some "English Speaker" :)

I would like to help for a French translation ;)
Feel free to translate system to any language you want.
I am sure that we will soon come up with some bonuses for translators.
@ Screach: Please, take a look at:

So, that will help me .... to know witch file i have to translate (english > to > French)

Best Regards,

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