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Hi @ all ;)

Here are the FIRST version of Eleanor CMS Multilanguage ( Frontend + Backend ) :)

!!! Version: RC4_ZBZ 1.0 !!!

Credits: Eleanor Team (Especially "Screatch") , "gil64" , and Centroarts Team (Design)

Hope you will enjoy this version of Eleanor CMS ;)

Best Regards,


PS: Report ANY BUG(S) here...Thanks ;)

Download Eleanor CMS - Version: RC4_ZBZ 1.0
Great, but would be better if you would upload it to download center, i am afraid this translation will be lost after a while.
Hello, sorry for writing here, I could not do where, I have the version RC4 and was translating it for the Spanish it, I have already translated the finished installation, and I am translating the rest of the script, not if they are interested in that he shares it, if it is so I will do it with great pleasure. :rolleyes:

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